17 Jul 2006

Samoan pastor reiterates his call for ban on homosexuality

10:22 am on 17 July 2006

A pastor in Samoa says he has every right to call on the Government to ban homosexuality.

Pastor Viliamu Mafo'e of the Worship Centre Church was responding to officials from the National Council of Churches, who have questioned his ability to do so.

The council has said that while the Government shares its objection to homosexuality, asking it to ban such practices is beyond it.

But Pastor Mafo'e says homosexualilty goes against the Bible and the constitution, and he's got the backing of the people.

"As a minister of the gospel, of the church, we need to make a stand against this kind of life because it's not accepted in our culture, and it's not accepted in our faith, it's not accepted in our society and community."