14 Jul 2006

FLP president undecided on whether to act against Chaudhry

5:16 pm on 14 July 2006

The Fiji Labour Party president, Jokapeci Koroi, says she has made no decision to call the party leader, Mahendra Chaudhry.

Mrs Koroi has told Radio Legend she is still looking into the matter and will only be able to talk to the media after the party's national council meeting.

That meeting is not due till the end of this month.

When asked who would discipline Mr Chaudhry, she only said the members would decide and refused to answer any further questions.

The call to discipline Mr Chaudhry has come from the FLP's Vuda branch for his failure to nominate their former MP, Vijay Singh, as a senator.

Mr Singh says Mrs Koroi is not taking the Vuda branch request seriously despite repeated requests.

Mr Singh says if Mrs Koroi can order disciplinary action against cabinet ministers Poseci Bune and Krishna Datt and three others, the same should apply to Mr Chaudhry.

Mr Singh says Labour members and the people of Vuda fully support the five against whom Mrs Koroi has ordered disciplinary and will defend them.

The Labour Party's parliamentary office says Mr Chaudhry will not speak to the media.