12 Jul 2006

New NZ Labour MP keen to assist Pacific Islands

10:10 am on 12 July 2006

The Labour Party's newest member, Charles Chauvel, has firm ideas about what he wants to do in parliament.

The part Tahitian lawyer who polled second highest in the Wellington Ohariu-Belmont electorate during last year's general election, will replace Jim Sutton who has retired from politics and been appointed New Zealand's roving trade ambassador.

Mr Chauvel says he would like to serve on a select committee that looks after Pacific issues.

Mr Chauvel who is also a cousin of the French Polynesian President, Oscar Temaru, says he would like a position on the select committee that looks after Pacific issues.

"I would just really like to be able to play a role that is supportive of the good Pacific governance, make sure that New Zealand continue to work well up in the Pacific, and so that for me would be something I would really be interested in this term."