11 Jul 2006

Papuan activist group plans peaceful demonstration over democratic rights

3:56 pm on 11 July 2006

A Papuan activist group is planning a peaceful demonstration about democratic rights in the capital of the Indonesian province, Jayapura, tomorrow.

The organiser for Front Bepera Papua Barat, Victor Yeimo, says they're tired of being denied the right to demonstrate and what he describes as intimidation by Indonesian security forces.

Several members of the Front Bepera are in police custody, facing charges in connection with a violent demonstration against mining giant Freeport's presence in Papua in March.

16 Papuans are charged with a variety of offences, including inciting the violence which led to the killing of six people, including four Indonesian police officers.

Mr Yeimo says few of those charged had anything to do with the violence...

"There's no more intimidation and there's no more others like that. So we are regrouping for our friends who have had so much intimidation in prison. So we want to say to the public that you have the right for making your aspirations. We demand the right to demonstrate in this country."

Victor Yeimo