10 Jul 2006

American Samoan Senate checks tax relief disbursements

3:20 pm on 10 July 2006

The American Samoa Senate is continuing to monitor how the Executive Branch is spending the 10 million US dollars that American Samoa received from a federal tax relief fund.

Early this year, the Senate learned that this funding has already been appropriated by the Executive Branch, and no share of the money was given to the Fono.

Of the 10 million dollars given to the territory, only 1.8 million is left unspent although this money is already appropriated for other purposes.

The Senate President, Lolo Moliga, says the Senate is trying to find out if there is any money left in this account and other accounts.

He says the Executive Branch keeps saying that there is no money but the Senate finds money in other government accounts.

The largest funded project under the 10 million dollars is the four million allocated to buy the vessel, the MV Sili.