10 Jul 2006

New Caledonian union to take action over Filipinos' jobs

1:13 pm on 10 July 2006

The New Caledonian USTKE union says it will take action against the Goro Nickel company this week because it hired Filipino workers doing other jobs than previously agreed to.

Goro Nickel has hired some qualified Filipino workers who will help to construct the two-billion US dollar plant.

But a union representative, Pierre Chauvat, says the workers are being employed in other areas as well.

"The USTKE has accepted the Filipinos to work on specific jobs in special building and in construction of the plant, but it is a special module of the plant. But no way in cleaning rooms, no way in cooking, no way in driving trucks or whatsoever."

USTKE representative, Pierre Chauvat.

Goro Nickel spokesperson, Catherine Guillaume, confirms that some Filipinos work in other areas, such as in truck driving, because the company had difficulties finding locals for the job.