6 Jul 2006

Fiji Labour MP says there are no grounds for him to be expelled from party

3:39 pm on 6 July 2006

A rebel Labour Party MP in Fiji says the party's got no grounds to expel him and he could retaliate with court action.

Krishna Datt, the Vice President of the party, is facing dismissal along with the deputy leader Poseci Bune and backbenchers Felix Anthony and Perumal Mupnar.

The four have been accused of breaching the party's constitution after a bid to submit their own list of senate nominees to the president.

The Nasinu branch of the party has suspended Mr Datt, and the other three are expected to face the same treatment from their branches.

But Mr Datt says he's done nothing wrong.

"I raised a few questions about leadership style and I stand by that. They have to have some evidence."

Under Fiji's constitution, an MP who is expelled from his party loses his parliamentary seat and a by-election has to be held.

Mr Datt says unlike Mr Chaudhry it was never his intention to derail the multi-party cabinet.