6 Jul 2006

Tonga PSA says public service redundancy programme will affect service delivery

10:27 am on 6 July 2006

The Tonga union that spearheaded a campaign for huge wage increases for public servants, says they fear the delivery of services will be undermined by the government's huge redundancy programme.

More than 800 public servants have received their redundancies over the last few days as the Government cuts back an administration deemed too big by organisations like the International Monetary Fund.

Dr Aivi Poluka, spokesperson for the Public Service Association says they remain concerned about the ability of the remaining staff to deliver services.

She points to teachers being allowed to take redundancy in the middle of the school year.

"They have allowed this to happen at this time when we have asked, especially from an educational point of view that we delay the programme until December so that we do not interrupt the school yea, and they have gone ahead and done this - exactly what we asked them not to do"