6 Jul 2006

Samoan high chief says sexual allegations against him are an act of revenge

10:22 am on 6 July 2006

A Samoan high chief says allegations of sexual misbehaviour against him made by his own people were a response to his decision to banish several matais and their families.

The high chief of Satapuala village, To'alepaialii Si'ueva described the accusations as an act of revenge.

A banished matai, Ga Sakaria, alleges the high chief was caught sleeping with a woman not his legal wife.

To'alepaialii admits sleeping with the woman but says no sexual relationship took place.

The high chief said he had already made a traditional presentation of food as a result of gossip in the village about the alleged relationship.

But a matai says the presentation caught them by surprise as there were no discussions of the matter by the village council.

To'alepaialii says no one in his village has the power to question his wrongdoings or to penalise the high chief.