5 Jul 2006

Samoan policeman under house arrest after taking journalist into RAMSI base

8:01 am on 5 July 2006

A Samoan police officer serving with the Regional Assistance Mission to Solomon Islands (RAMSI) has been placed under house-arrest.for allowing a Samoan journalist into the military and police compound of the mission, east of Honiara without proper authority.

The Samoan journalist was in Solomon Island to cover the 10th Forum Economic Ministers Meeting currently under way in the country.

As part of getting a Samoan angle to events in Honiara the journalist paid a visit to the RAMSI compound.

The journalist spent around 30-minutes in the compound meeting Samoan Police officers.

Security guards allowed them into the premises and it was on their return that they were questioned.

RAMSI's Participating Police Force office refused to make any statement relating to the incident.