3 Jul 2006

Samoan families facing banishment may not have to leave their village

9:29 am on 3 July 2006

The 15 Samoan families who were banished from their village of Satapuala because they did not vote for the high chief may not have to leave their homes and land.

The village high chief, To'alepaialii Si'ueva says the banished families could still continue to live in his village, if they apologise.

He says reconciliation is another form of the traditional Samoan way of forgiving.

But he says the village council will still go ahead with the petition asking the Lands and Titles Court to legalise the banishment of the families.

The banished families will also file a court petition seeking to stop the village council's decision.

Meanwhile the high chief has told SBC Television that the decision to ban the families was not because they did not support him in the election.