2 Jul 2007

Fiji academic says interim administration may have to abrogate constitution

9:51 am on 2 July 2007

An Australia-based Fiji academic says the country's interim administration may be forced to abrogate the 1997 Constitution to get itself out of problematic legal situations.

The Fijilive news website says Dr Brij Lal makes the comment as a series of law suits are due to come before the courts challenging the legality of the December military takeover.

Dr Lal says these challenges will take place within the provisions of the 1997 Constitution which the military claims to be upholding.

He says it is anyone's guess what happens if the courts decide against the military, but it may decide that the best way forward for it is to abrogate the constitution.

Dr Lal says Fiji has been in a constitutional conundrum for the last six months because while a coup took place, the military claimed it was a constitutional coup because the constitution remained intact.

But Dr Lal, who is one of the three commissioners who put together the 1997 Constitution, says no constitution provides for its own overthrow by a military coup.