29 Jun 2006

Fresh port strike looms in French Polynesia

8:52 pm on 29 June 2006

There is a fresh strike threat in French Polynesia by the group of former members of the GIP intervention force who carried out a series of illegal port blockades.

They say they will go on strike on July the 4th after the government's alleged failure to honour a deal struck with rebellious members of the now dissolved GIP earlier this year.

Their spokesperson says they hope the strike won't lead to another blockade.

The group has been defying the government's authority since the former leader, Gaston Flosse, was voted out of office last year.

It has since then carried out four main port blockades with impunity.

The last one was abandoned after those on the blockades were told that outer islands were hurting because supplies no longer reached them.

The head of the GIP's successor organisation was then assaulted in full view of television cameras when he tried to enter the headquarters still occupied by those defying the government.

The opposition says the government is seeking a provocation.