27 Jun 2006

Samoa election petition accuses Electoral office of unlawful practice

6:25 am on 27 June 2006

The second election petition in Samoa now before the court has accused the Electoral office of unlawful practices.

The petitioner and former Opposition Member of Parliament, Patea Satini Epati, alleges the Electoral office created a new polling booth in his constituency without informing all the candidates who ran in this year's election.

He also alleges the polling booth was not listed in his constituency of Sagaga Le Falefa.

One other allegation against the office of the Electoral Commissioner was that

electoral rolls were not available for the candidate's scrutineers in one of the polling booths during the election.

The petitioner alleges that it was only one roll made available at the booth on the day of the election.

Patea who was defeated in the election is asking the court through his lawyer for the result to be voided because of these reasons.

Meanwhile the Supreme Court has accepted an application by the petitioner and the first respondent lawyers to withdraw several allegations of bribery and treating against each other.

Both Councils said they don't have sufficient evidence to support the allegations.