26 Jun 2006

Focus on conflict resolution through mediaton at Fiji conference

7:29 am on 26 June 2006

A conference on mediation in Fiji this week will try to raise awareness about the processes and benefits.

About 80 presenters from sixteen countries will take part and will talk about conflict resolution techniques.

The conference convener, Professor Graham Hassall, from the University of the South Pacific says it is aimed at mediation practitioners from around the region, the United States and South East Asia.

"One of the strong themes is to look at the relationship between judiciary and mediation. Another of the strong themes is looking at community based mediation. In Papua New Guinea for example there is a spreading use of mediation on a grassroots level by NGO organisations who are solving problems on a local level, by just spreading techniques by which people can be brought together to mediate their differences."

Professor Hassall says mediation techniques for workplace and environmental conflicts will also be covered.