23 Jun 2006

Guam police probe hit and run accident

5:17 pm on 23 June 2006

Guam police are investigating a hit-and-run motor vehicle accident that occurred in upper Tumon last night.

The accident, which left a man in critical condition at Guam Memorial Hospital, is the latest in an alarming spate of hit-and-run accidents this year.

Highway Patrol Division Officer Allan Guzman says the driver of the vehicle in last night's accident has just turned himself in, and interviews are underway.

But officer Guzman says hit-and-runs are now a daily occurrence in Guam, and there's three main reasons why the drivers are running...

"Number one - you'd leave a scene because you don't have a driver's license; Number two - not only you don't have a license, but you don't have insurance or the authorisation to use that vehicle; Number three - often times they're under the influence. And other minor things such as being afraid but people ought to understand that if they're involved they should just stay at the scene."

Officer Allan Guzman says pedestrians are getting struck jaywalking because they're not abiding by the roadway signs, and are crossing over blindspots at night, often intoxicated.