22 Jun 2006

French Polynesia's Flosse faces possible supreme court challenge

3:38 pm on 22 June 2006

A citizen in French Polynesia says he is poised to challenge part of yesterday's court ruling against the former president, Gaston Flosse, in the supreme court in Paris.

The court gave him a suspended three-month jail sentence for corruption.

But it also ruled that despite his criminal conviction, Flosse can remain a member of the territorial assembly and the territory's member of the French senate.

A citizen, Yves Conroy, says he'll challenge the ruling in the French supreme court if Flosse makes no appeal.

Mr Conroy challenged a similar ruling earlier this year when a territorial minister, Emile Vernaudon, was given a suspended prison sentence for corruption.

Vernaudon refused to resign and wasn't sacked.

Mr Conroy argues that a criminal court has no jurisdiction in a case to be judged under the electoral act.

He says according to the autonomy statute, a citizen can take action should the French high commission fail to pursue the matter.