21 Jun 2006

A review of NZ assistance to Bougainville community police to take place

1:32 pm on 21 June 2006

A review of the effectiveness of New Zealand's assistance to Bougainville's community policing effort is due to take place shortly.

A five person New Zealand team is based in the Papua New Guinea autonomous province and has been training the 330 strong community auxiliary police, or CAPs, as they are known locally.

Constable Ross Smolenski says the training includes basic law, policing and investigation techniques

He says the review team will assess how this is progressing.

"We have a review team actually due on the island soon. They'll be basically overseeing what we're doing. They're going out into the community. They'll be speaking with the chiefs and the village elders, asking them, no doubt, whether they're happy with the performance of the CAPs which is a direct bearing on what we're doing."

Constable Smolenski says the review team, which is due July 1st, is likely to be made up of people from the New Zealand police, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, and NZ Aid.