21 Jun 2006

Defeated Hawaiian bill may be revisited

1:26 pm on 21 June 2006

Hawaii's Attorney General Mark Bennett says the failed Akaka bill which favoured a native Hawaiian government is likely to be tabled next year in a revised form.

Last week's vote of 56 to 41 fell short of the 60 votes needed in the US Senate to bring the bill to a formal vote.

Mr Bennett says proponents of the bill were disappointed at the outcome.

But he says they have not given up and hope to revisit it again.

"I think we supported the bill because we thought that recognition for native Hawaiians was just and fair and logical and the fact that we lost this procedural setback is not going to move us back from that view."

Mark Bennett says senators are now focusing on the upcoming general election in November.

Opponents say the bill did not serve the needs of the locals in Hawaii and was destined to fail.