21 Jun 2006

Bougainville commissioner says Musingku indicating willingness to reconcile

5:14 am on 21 June 2006

The acting Bougainville police commissioner, Paul Kamaui, says talks are continuing between supporters of Noah Musingku and the authorities.

The commissioner, who's in charge of the police force in the Papua New Guinea autonomous province, says there are signs that Musingku and his supporters, are indicating that they might be willing to reconcile.

Mr Kamaui says this process may take time.

"Noah Musingku's people want to reconcile with the police, particularly with the community auxiliary police who were at the police post in Panakei, Siwai, when their police post was raided, when it was attacked by Noah Musingku's supporters and now, there has been some indications that they want to reconcile."

The commissioner says it will take further time before this occurs.