19 Jun 2006

Cooks no-confidence motions defeated

3:59 pm on 19 June 2006

A motion of no confidence brought by the Cooks Islands government against the speaker over the weekend has failed, as has the opposition's move to unseat the Prime Minister.

The decision to move a no-confidence motion against the speaker was made because of allegations that he failed to show neutrality while presiding over parliament.

Our correspondent, Jason Brown, says only 12 out of 24 votes supported the motion of no confidence against the speaker.

"The vote of no confidence, or the motion of removal as the government referred to it, failed on Friday, the government didn't have the numbers for the vote. They need a majority in parliament, not just the majority of who is in parliament at the time, but of the total seats including vacancies. They needed 13 votes out of the 24 to unseat the speaker, and they only had 12. So they were one short."

Jason Brown says the opposition's motion of no-confidence against the Prime Minister was lost along similar lines.