16 Jun 2006

Fiji PM commits to multi-party government concept

3:20 pm on 16 June 2006

Fiji's prime minister, Laisenia Qarase, says while his original opposition to the multi-party cabinet concept is well known, he is now fully committed to it.

Mr Qarase has told parliament that he knows in his heart that what has happened since the election is part of God's plan for Fiji.

Mr Qarase says God has given him a part to play in it and he cannot refuse it.

Mr Qarase says the Constitution is the highest law of the land and after the election it was time to act and embrace the new politics of accommodation.

Mr Qarase says the multi-party cabinet was duly formed and is now functioning.

Radio Legend says Mr Qarase has also paid tribute to Sitiveni Rabuka and Jai Ram Reddy for including the multi-party cabinet provisions in the constitution as the system has enabled him to form a truly multi-ethnic government.

He says this is Fiji's season of change and everyone in the country including MPs should move away from debate and focus on national unity and improving the lives of the people.

Mr Qarase says the SDL manifesto would be the base document for the government's policies and programme activities.

Mr Qarase says the manifestos of both parties converge in most areas but he would set up a cabinet subcommittee next week involving both the SDL and Labour ministers to look at the contentious issues.