16 Jun 2006

Council hopes New Zealand can provide mentors for fledgling businesses in Vanuatu

11:03 am on 16 June 2006

The New Zealand Pacific Business Council is looking for funding to support business mentors to be sent to Vanuatu.

Members of the Council travelled to Vanuatu and the Cook Islands last week on a delegation headed by Foreign Minister, Winston Peters.

Chairman Gilbert Ullrich says they are trying to identify two prominent players in the Vanuatu business world able to take a key role in a proposed New Zealand Vanuatu business association.

He says this body will aim to foster two way trade and reduce the huge imbalance in New Zealand's favour.

Mr Ulrich also says older business people in New Zealand could help pass on their knowledge to fledgling operations in Vanuatu.

"New Zealand has plenty of people who are retiring from companies, who have experience and time available that they could spend with some of these companies. If someone was willing to subsidize the cost I think that would be something we could progress upon."