13 Jun 2006

Fiji security firm says crisis jobs a reality

1:37 pm on 13 June 2006

A Fiji security recruitment agency Global Risk Strategies says more viable job opportunities would need to be offered back home to detract Fijians going to war-torn countries.

Fiji's prime minister Laisenia Qarase has urged citizens wanting to take up risky jobs in places like Iraq to stay at home and work their land.

This follows the deaths of 11 Fijian security guards in Iraq in the last two months.

Lt Colonel Saikuisa Raivoce of Global Risk Strategies says security guards are experts in their field and get paid far more than any farmer would earn in Fiji.

He says the reality for many of his employees is different.

"The problem that might arise - some of them may not have land to work on it and also they will need some tools or machines to work on the land and the government to look for the markets if they are to survive. That would be my comment on that. The bottom line is that these guys make the final decision on whether to go or not."

Lt Colonel Saikuisa Raivoce.

He says security work abroad is contributes greatly to remittances, which totalled 179 million US dollars in 2005.