13 Jun 2006

Fiji PM says those taking dangerous jobs in Iraq should stay home and till the land

10:04 am on 13 June 2006

Fiji's prime minister has urged citizens taking up risky jobs in war-torn Iraq and other life threatening places to stay at home and work their land.

Radio Legend reports that Laisenia Qarase's appeal follows the deaths of 11 Fijian security guards in Iraq in the last 2 months.

Mr Qarase says the deaths of another three guards north of Baghdad last Thursday should be an eye opener for Fiji as many of the people leaving for Iraq can earn a living at home.

He says there is plenty of land in Fiji which people who are falling casualty could develop to earn a living.

But Mr Qarase adds that individual rights have to be respected if people want to go elsewhere to look for a job.

Meanwhile, the Reserve Bank of Fiji has increased its estimate of money being remitted home by citizens working abroad, including soldiers and sportspeople, by 50% to more than 260-million US dollars.