9 Jun 2006

Fiji teams the favourites for the Cayman Islands international sevens tournament

9:52 am on 9 June 2006

The Cayman Islands warm weather will be a big advantage for the Fiji sevens teams taking part in the rugby union sevens tournament starting tomorrow.

Twelve teams will be vying for the first prize of 50-thousand US dollars in this the 6th Cayman islands tournament.

The defending champions are the Fiji club, Red Rocks, but could get some stiff competition from their counterparts the Fiji Barbarians.

The Baabaas coach Josadeki Savou says his side includes some top international sevens players.

"William Ryder, and also David Basikiratu, and also we've got Asaele Boko, who was also a member of the squad last year, and there is a couple of young new players talented to develop them and i think they might be playing for Fiji in the next IRB series, we are looking foward to this weekend's games."

There are teams from the West Indies who played in the Los Angeles leg of the IRB sevens, England, Canada, Jamaica and Cayman Islands.