6 Jun 2006

NZ opposition says fresh Tokelau referendum driven by financial inducements

3:52 pm on 6 June 2006

The New Zealand opposition National Party says Tokelau's desire for another referendum is being driven by financial inducements.

The head of the Tokelau assembly says it has agreed to hold another referendum on independence from New Zealand by 2008.

Less than four months a referendum determined to retain the current status.

The National Party's associate foreign affairs spokesman, John Hayes, says the New Zealand tax payer spends millions of dollars a year on Tokelau.

He says the Labour-led government's Trust fund worth millions of dollars for Tokelau is an inducement for it to become self governing in free association with New Zealand.

"I think it's just a situation where the people who are promoting self-governance on the island, see for themselves the opportunity to travel on the backs of either aid donors or the people themselves on Tokelau and they are interested in getting on with doing that."

John Hayes.