2 Jun 2006

Air New Zealand flight to Niue delayed

7:11 am on 2 June 2006

This week's fire on Niue has forced Air New Zealand to delay its weekly Friday night flight for several hours so it can land in daylight tomorrow morning.

The fire has left the island will little power or water for 3 days.

A generator is to be flown up by a New Zealand Air Force Hercules after a request from the island's government for help.

An engineer is being sent on the Air New Zealand flight along with more materials needed to rebuild the island's power supply.

That flight would normally land late tonight and return a couple of hours later, but the acting premier, Fisa Pihigia, says his government had concerns about the airport's emergency power supply.

"'We are still uncertain about the ability of the power emergency generator up at the airport to cope with the lighting, the refueling and other necessities up at the airport."