1 Jun 2006

Niue likely to get new generator delivered in two days

7:14 pm on 1 June 2006

The Niue government hopes a new diesel generator will be flown to the island in two days after the destruction of one of the country's two generators in a fire earlier this week.

The fire took out electricity to housing and most businesses and has left the island with a water supply problem.

The acting premier, Fisa Pihigia, sought New Zealand assistance and a Defence Force Hercules, which is just back from East Timor, is expected to depart as soon as the equipment is delivered and packed for the flight.

A spokesperson for the New Zealand aid agency, NZAID, Catrina McDiarmid, says it is not yet possible to say just when the plane will leave.

"I can't really give a time frame on that, but I think we are all hoping in the next couple of days..."

Mr Pihigia says they expecting the Hercules on Friday Niue time while the engineer and other equipment needed is to arrive on this weekend's Air New Zealand flight.