1 Jun 2006

6 Fiji government CEO's take court action over reshuffle

1:43 pm on 1 June 2006

Six of the ten Fiji government chief executive officers slated for a reshuffle following the formation of the multi-party cabinet last week have taken court action against the Public Service Commission.

The Suva High Court has granted their request for a stay and ordered the PSC to put the reshuffle on hold while it hears their application for a judicial review.

The chief executive of the PSC, Anare Jale, says it would abide by the court order.

Their lawyer, Vijay Maharaj, says the chief executive officers took court action after being told to move to other ministries or lose their jobs.

The chief executives say their contracts with the PSC are for the jobs they are currently doing and not any other.

The Fiji Public Service Association says a clause in their contract prevents them from being transferred.

The chief executive officers who have taken legal action are: Sakiusa Rabuka of the justice ministry, Meli Bainimarama of Fijian affairs, Anasa Vocea of works and energy, Apisalome Tudreu of national reconciliation, Poasa Ravea of youth and sports, and Niumala Tabunakawai of land and mineral resources.