1 Jun 2006

Samoa's government budget gives top priority to health and education

6:53 am on 1 June 2006

Samoa's ruling Human Rights Protection Party's new financial year budget after this year's election has given more money to improve education and health.

In the proposed total expenditure of about 200 million US dollars for 2006/2007 budget, a total of about 15 million US dollars is allocated for health.

The amount of 15 million includes expenditures of about 1 million US dollars for the one year old kidney hospital.

To date more than thirty patients suffering kidney failure are treated in the new hospital since it was opened last year.

But some 2 million dollars is allocated for overseas medical treatments mainly in New Zealand for heart surgeries.

Investment in education remains a priority area for the government with about 14 million dollars allocated for its ongoing development.

1.5 million US dollars is allocated for village schools stationery supplies.

But most expenditures for the ministry of education on infrastructure development in terms of new school buildings is partly funded by both government and overseas donor countries and agencies through grants.

Some are funded by soft term loans from the Asian Development Bank.