30 May 2006

Identity cards proposed for Solomon Islands electors

1:14 pm on 30 May 2006

There is to be a recommendation made to the Solomon Islands government that identity cards or photo I.D. be introduced for voting in elections.

The chief electoral officer, Musu Kevu, says one of the biggest issues during the recent voting was the double registration of some people.

He was unable to give figures to indicate how significant the problem was but said that it was evident in Honiara, with people registering in the capital, swelling rolls, but returning to their home provinces to vote.

Mr Kevu says the Electoral Commission will recommend that the government alter the Electoral Act to introduce both postal voting and some form of voter identification.

"We can introduce some kind of identification, identification of voters during registration. I know that will be an expensive exercise but I think that's the only way we can avoid double registration and of course, people voting at two different places."

Musu Kevu says the Commission is yet to receive any statement of accounts from MPs over the amount of money they spent during campaigning.