30 May 2006

Call to free up travel between the two Samoas

9:50 am on 30 May 2006

The .Editor-in-chief of the Samoa Observer Group of Newspapers, Savea Sano Malifa, has suggested that the leaders of Samoa and American Samoa devise a system based on mutual respect which allows Samoans from both sides to travel freely between the two countries.

Speaking at the launch of the American Samoan Tribune, Savea said although history succeeded in dividing Samoa in two, it failed to dismember its culture, traditions and language.

He said politicians should talk seriously about issues causing friction between the two Samoas, with the idea of solving problems evolving from them.

He asked what would happen to the territory's economy if the thousands of Samoan citizens now providing manual labor at the canneries stopped working.

Savea said rather than wasting tax payers hard earned funds searching for illegal aliens, prosecuting them and keeping them in jail, they could be put to work at the canneries to earn a living.