29 May 2006

Review of wildlife on three central Pacific islands

3:44 pm on 29 May 2006

A public review is under way into the conservation of birds and marine life on three remote islands in the Pacific.

The Hawaii-based US Pacific Remote Islands National Wildlife Refuge manager, Don Palawski says hundreds of thousands of birds nest on Howland, Baker and Jarvis islands.

He says a new plan for the next 15 years has been drafted to conserve the wildlife on these islands.

But Mr Palawski says the next step is to get input from the public, conservation and government agencies.

"We would like the public informed of the value of these places and be educated about the very precious resources that are found there. There are actually eight national wildlife refuge areas found here in the Central Pacific and I consider them to be jewels in the pacific ocean where all the wildlife congregate so its important from that aspect to keep these areas protected."

The US Pacific Remote Islands National Wildlife Refuge manager Don Palawski