25 May 2006

Pests threaten Pacific biodiversity

2:04 pm on 25 May 2006

The coordinator of the Pacific Invasives Learning Network says the region's uniqueness is in danger because of the threat of invasive species.

The PILN is meeting for the first time in Palau where 11 countries and more than eight regional organisations are being represented.

Dr Gillian Key says the delegates have decided to concentrate on four common areas: strategic planning, public awareness, weed management and small island restoration.

Dr Key says it is important that people realise how much of a threat invasive species are in the Pacific.

"The Pacific is one of the world's biodiversity hotspots with species found here and nowhere else. They are threatened by invasive species. The presence of rats on these islands, goats devastating the vegetation, pigs feeding on turtle nests on the beaches, disturbing some of the ground living birds for example. Biodiveristy is threatened by invasive species."