24 May 2006

West Papuan tribal leader reiterates calls at U.N. for self-determination

3:38 pm on 24 May 2006

The leader of the Koteka Tribal Assembly of West Papua, Benny Wenda, is reiterating calls for the U.N. to recognise Papuans right to self determination.

He also says the U.N. should send a peacekeeping mission to the Indonesian province of Papua.

Mr Wenda's statement was presented during the current session of the U.N.'s Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues.

He says the forum should also ask the U.N. to carry out a review of the so-called 1969 Act of Free Choice, hold a genuine referendum on the right to self determination, and place Papua on the U.N.'s decolonisation list.

He says he is asking on behalf of all Papuans not to be forgotten and that they should have the right to determine their future.