18 May 2006

More support for striking teachers in PNG

1:28 pm on 18 May 2006

Striking teachers in Papua New Guinea have received a huge boost in support from the giant PNG Trade Union Congress.

Teachers across Papua New Guinea say they will continue their industrial action and not return to work until the government meets their demands.

Tens of thousands of teachers have been on strike across PNG since last week over their demands for a four percent wage increase and a seven per cent rise in housing allowances.

Our correspondent in Papua New Guinea, Alex Rheeney, reports...

"The question of the png trade union congress has been that the issue has been out standing for sometime - and the government should have addressed it sometime ago - the government decided to brush the matter aside and consequently the teachers have taken the action that they have taken - so the png trade union congress, which represents most of the unions nationwide has supported the move - it shows it definitely put pressure on the government - consequently the decision by the prime minister to intervene."

Alex Rheeney.