17 May 2006

SDL Party wins Fiji election

8:11 am on 17 May 2006

The SDL party of Laisenia Qarase has won the Fiji election and will lead the country for another five-year term.

Official figures give the SDL 32 seats but preliminary tallies put it at at least 34.

Although final results are yet to be declared but Mr Qarase has claimed victory and says he's looking forward to forming a new government.

Walter Zweifel reports

"He says he has a plan to offer posts to the Fiji Labour party in line with the Constitution, which requires that any party winning ten percent of the seats to be offered cabinet representation. Mr Qarase says he has the backing of the independent, Robin Irwin, and will confirm the commitment of the other, George Konrote, later today. He's told local radio that it has been God's plan for the SDL to lead Fiji. Mr Qarase says he will call a caucus meeting tomorrow as part of forming a new administration."