12 May 2006

Papuan representative office welcomes Vanuatu government declaration

10:05 am on 12 May 2006

The West Papuan People's Representative Office has welcomed the Vanuatu government's official declaration of full support for the Indonesia province of Papua's cause for self-determination.

The Lini-led government has declared Vanuatu would continue to maintain its non-aligned foreign policy.

A government spokesman says while relations had been established with Indonesia, it does not mean that its foreign policy on Papua would not be maintained.

The government had recently been criticised for not having a clear policy on its support for Papua.

John Ondawame, the spokesman for the Vanuatu-based WPPRO, says the declaration is a good step but he wants to see an ongoing commitment to the cause.


IN:......It makes clear to us now that the Vanuatu government will

make a clear declaration to support the West Papuan cause. I'm satisfied for that but I need a detailed clarification of a foreign policy - how they can pursue the process of the independence of West Papua.

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John Ondawame