12 May 2006

Hawaii prepares for ferry service on the islands

8:07 am on 12 May 2006

A University professor says businesses will benefit from Hawaii Superferry's plans to service the state's four outer islands.

Transport Professor Panos Prevedouros says the four story catamaran will run a service from Honolulu on Oahu to Maui and Kaua'i next year.

He says it's taken a long time to find a suitable mode of transporting cargo, cars and passengers by sea.

He says it will change how people will do business in Hawaii, particularly for florists.

"At the superstore you get proteas from Maui but you can always tell its one or two days late. But the farmer could now cut it in the morning, take the 10 o'clock ferry, and by 1 o'clock be in Honolulu to sell fresh flowers. So it will really open up new ways of transporting goods between the islands."

Professor Prevedouros

Hawaii Superferry also plans to start a daily service to the big island of Hawai'i in 2009.