11 May 2006

Conduct of Fiji general elections will influence its Human Rights Report

9:15 am on 11 May 2006

The conduct of the Fiji general elections will influence the Human Rights Report on Fiji published by the United States every year.

Radio Fiji reports that this has been revealed by the US ambassador in Fiji, Larry Dinger, who has been visiting polling stations across the country to observe the elections.

Mr Dinger says he and his team from the embassy will report back to Washington on what they have observed.

He says that certain types of assistance that the United States provides is more likely to go to countries which are democratic in their processes than if they are not.

Mr Dinger says a positive election report will influence things like that.

He also says they have been observing the military's recent activities and he would strongly encourage the military to serve in its appropriate role of providing security.