8 May 2006

New Caledonian Kanak group no longer involved in talks over Goro nickel conflict

8:21 am on 8 May 2006

The New Caledonian Kanak political umbrella body, the FLNKS, says they are no longer mediators in the Goro Nickel conflict.

Goro Nickel is the largest industrial project in the South Pacific, but it had to shut down all operations after Kanak Rheebu Nuu activists opposed to aspects of the project, caused large scale vandalism on the site.

The company has resumed work on the site only about two weeks ago.

FLNKS acted as a mediator between Rheebu Nuu activists and the other stakeholders after initial talks had failed.

But its spokesperson, Charles Wea, says they are not involved anymore.

"FLNKS has stopped its mediating role. But now, there are no discussions between Rheebu Nuu, the Southern province and Inco."

He says he does not know if and when talks will resume.