3 May 2006

Concerns about government funding in Papua

7:45 am on 3 May 2006

An Indonesian academic says there needs to be an effort to find out where all the government funding has gone in Papua.

Dr Dewi Fortuna Anwar, an analyst at the Indonesian Institute of Sciences, says under the special autonomy law applying to the province, 80 percent of the government earnings raised in Papua, stay there.

Dr Anwar says this money is plainly not getting through to the needy at the grassroots and the local elites should explain where it has gone.

"Most of the people who are elected into office in Papua will be Papuans. They have been in charge of the money. They should be the ones who are dispersing the money. So the question must be asked whether the local elites are, in fact, behaving in the way they should behave to advance the interests of their own people."