2 May 2006

Warning in Fiji that some people may take law into own hands

9:14 am on 2 May 2006

A leading general election candidate in Fiji's ruling SDL party is warning that the chiefs and indigenous people may take the law into their own hands if they do not feel secure about the next government.

Radio Legend reports that Dr Tupeni Baba, who was the deputy prime minister in the Chaudhry government deposed in the May 2000, issued the warning at a SDL party political meeting in Suva last night.

Dr Baba says if any danger comes, it will come by way of the chiefs and the landowners.

He says stability is in the minds and the security of the people, not with the military carrying arms around.

Dr Baba says those collecting information for the military, including their commander, do not understand the subtleties of the Fijian language and cannot guarantee security.

He says after going through two coups he cannot take the military's words seriously that another coup will not take place.

But a military spokesman says Dr Baba has been away from Fiji for the last five years and does not know what has been happening in the country including the army's security awareness campaign in villages.