28 Apr 2006

Provincial governor in PNG looks at suing government over hospital

6:42 pm on 28 April 2006

The governor of the Morobe province in Papua New Guinea says he has instructed his legal team to look into the possibility of suing the National government because of the dilapidated state of Angau Memorial hospital.

This week doctors at PNG's second largest hospital said the institution could close in less than 2 years if the current state of neglect is allowed to continue.

Luther Wenge says the national government should have provided more funding to maintain Angau and the hospital board should have managed the situation better.

Mr Wenge says he believes there is a legal case to answer because the lack of facilities is a human rights matter.

"People are waiting there in the corridor to see a doctor and they are there for many, many hours and some die waiting, because some important authorities or machines are not there to screen to ascertain what disease they have before they can get medication. They die."

Mr Wenge says the Angau Board, the Secretary of Health and the national government are expected to be named plaintiffs.