28 Apr 2006

A candidate running in Fiji's general election questioned for attempted rape

10:06 am on 28 April 2006

It's been confirmed in Fiji that a general election candidate being questioned by police for attempted rape belongs to the National Federation Party.

The Daily Post reports that the candidate was taken in by police after an incident last weekend in which a 24-year old woman was found lying naked and bruised in Sigatoka.

The police spokesperson, Sylvia Low, says the women told police two men picked her up in Nadi and took her to Sigatoka where they forced her to drink alcohol.

When one of them propositioned her and she refused, they stripped her and tossed her in a river.

The Post says the National Federation Party has confirmed the candidate being questioned is theirs.

The NFP president, Raman Pratap Singh, says the party expects high morals from its candidates and does not tolerate anything less.

But Mr Singh said it will be wrong to pass judgment before any convictions are made.