28 Apr 2006

Poor sanitation blamed for diarrhoea deaths in Papua

9:01 am on 28 April 2006

Unhealthy living conditions have been blamed for the continued spread of diarrhoea in the Indonesian province of Papua, with the number of dead rising to 126 people.

The Jakarta Post reports that the outbreak of the disease in the Jayawijaya regency was declared last month.

There have also been fresh reports of the disease from villages in Hubi Kosi district.

Responding to reports that 17 people alone had died in Ibele Atas village, health officials flew to the village with medical supplies.

The village chief says his residents frequently drink untreated water from the river, while pigs are kept close to houses, usually next to the kitchen.

The regency's health office has set up 20 health posts to prevent the spread of diarrhoea but residents are complaining that for many the posts were to hard to reach.