28 Apr 2006

Fijian security guards in Iraq offered millions to kill witnesses

10:11 am on 28 April 2006

Five Fijian men guarding witnesses in the trial of the Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein have been offered 2-million US dollars to kill them.

The Fiji Times reports that the money has been offered by the terrorist organisation, Al-Qaeda, controlled by Osama bin Laden.

One of the guards, Josevata Tuisavulu, has told the newspaper that they are attached to US Marshalls which is responsible for guarding close to 50 prosecution witnesses well as defence lawyers, judges and translators.

Mr Tuisavulu says Al-Qaeda operatives had contacted them and offered them 2-million US dollars to kill the witnesses whose faces are covered and voices disguised during the trial.

Mr Tuisavalu says they were NOT tempted and refused the offer.

The second session of the Saddam trial ended last week and it will resume next month with more witnesses being called in.