25 Apr 2006

The Northern Marianas government keeps a tight reign on spending

5:09 am on 25 April 2006

The Northern Marianas government says it's reduction of deficit spending that is crippling the administration has not been well received by the public.

In his State of the Commonwealth Address Governor Benigno Fitial revealed that the government's cumulative deficit is now 155 million US dollars.

This is up from 48-point-8 million US dollars in 1998, and 108 million US dollars in 2005.

The Government's press secretary, Charles Reyes says the governor has gradually reduced monthly expenditure from nearly 21 million US dollars at the end of last year to 14 million US dollars this month.

"This governor has got a business background and has pledged not to raise taxes and has pledged to control costs but there's a lot of resistance in the community especially among the people in the education sector and it is amazing that despite all the facts and figures we've put out people still don't understand."

Chales Reyes says with only 117 million US dollars in revenues available between February and September 2006, the government has to keep a tight reign on spending for this fiscal year.