25 Apr 2006

Fiji's prime minister accuses National Federation Party of betrayal

10:53 am on 25 April 2006

Fiji's prime minister has accused the National Federation Party of betrayal, saying its distribution of preferences could cost his SDL another term in government.

Laisenia Qarase says the NFP has failed to give the SDL its preferences in 11 Open Seats which are critical if the SDL is to remain in government.

Mr Qarase says these seats may be lost to the Labour Party because of what the NFP has done.

But the NFP's campaign manager, Attar Singh, says Mr Qarase should not mislead the country about the negotiations that took place.

Mr Singh says the SDL and the Labour are like little children fighting over the preferences of a minor party.

The Fiji Sun quotes Attar Singh as saying the NFP is not there to help other parties into power but wants to form the next government itself.

The NFP has given high preferences to women candidates of all parties and distributed other preferences according to what it says are strategic considerations.